Swon Brothers Feel the Love From A-List Pals

Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood Offer Tweets of Support for Debut Album

"You are looking at two grateful guys right now," Colton Swon said during Wednesday's (Oct. 15) visit to CMT's offices in Nashville.

Indeed, Colton. I'd say both you and your brother Zach Swon have every reason to be over the moon right now.

Earlier this week, the Swon Brothers celebrated the release of their self-titled debut album with TV appearances, performances, countless interviews and a whole lot of caffeine keeping them powered up for this monumental moment.

And it's not just the caffeine helping them soldier on during what has arguably been one of the busiest and most significant weeks of their career so far. It's also the support of family and a few famous friends that has made all the difference.

Famous friends like their pal and The Voice coach Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood sent out tweets of support on their big debut.

"We got two tweets from Blake," Zach revealed.

"Blake tweeted us," Colton said. "NBC's The Voice, which has a huge Twitter following, they tweeted us. We've had so much support. Carrie threw out some tweets to us."

In fact, Colton admitted to me in our chat this week that Underwood, Shelton and Miranda Lambert were so gung-ho to help him and his brother continue to pursue their dreams, they all placed calls to Gary Overton, the head of Sony Music Nashville, encouraging him to sign the guys to a record deal.

"I mean, we're getting to live our dreams, and it's nice when you have people like that that will help support you," Colton said.

True, but let's not forget that the guys had the goods to back up those superstar recommendations. Now it's down to the business of celebrating the album's debut with one major rite of passage for an artist -- the first official album purchase which, of course, the brothers took time to do.

"I bought it, and then I actually gave it to the girl that sold it to me at Target," Colton confessed. "She recognized us. She was like, 'Aren't you guys on the CD here?' We were just messing with her and gave her a hard time."

He added, "She didn't know who we were until we told her about the 'Later On' song. I was like, 'Have you heard the song 'Later On,' by chance?' And then she put two-and-two together, so that was pretty neat. It's a good feeling."

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