'Music City': The Big Moments From Season 1 Episode 3

I'm Staying Here

Episode three of Music City was filled with celebrations and plans being made for the future.

Check out the episode's biggest moments:

Shocking News

Music City 103

Alexandra finds out Jessica turned Jackson down when he asked for a kiss.

Girl Talk

Music City 103

Jessica tells Rachyl about her time in the studio with Jackson.

Not So Fast

Music City 103

Kerry suggests he and Rachyl celebrate their anniversary on a different date so he can go out on the road, but Rachyl isn't on board.

No Compromise

Music City 103

Rachyl tells Kerry she's thinking of attending law school in another city, but Kerry wants the family to remain in Nashville.

Ending on a High Note

Music City 103

Rachyl surprises Kerry with a hotel room key during their anniversary dinner.

Fashion Statement

Music City 103

Alexandra goes shopping for an outfit for Jessica and Alisa's birthday party.

Welcome Wagon

Music City 103

Alisa and Bryant's faces say it all when Jackson and Alexandra arrive for the party.

Birthday Duet

Music City 103

Alisa and Jessica perform at their birthday party.

Words of Encouragement

Music City 103

Rachyl chats with Sarah about her marriage and putting her dreams aside.

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