ICYMI: Ashley Monroe’s Best Questions From #AskAshley

Knife Emojis Were Everywhere

The first thing you should know is, there were little knife emojis everywhere. During CMT’s Twitter chat with Ashley Monroe, so many of the questions -- and her answers -- made use of the emoticon that best represented her new album, The Blade, released Friday (July 24).

Because that was what the chat was (almost) all about.

Knives aside, there were the best moments from the #AskAshley chat:

1. How does #TheBlade set you apart from your last record as an artist? Huge fan from Singapore! - @jeremy_chua

I think this record just shows exactly where I am now in my life at 28.

2. Your live performances are so on point (not many can do that). Which song is the hardest to sing live? - @as715

Thank you! I get lost when I'm singing live!! I'm loving "Winning Streak" at the moment.

3. Which song from #theblade came together the fastest? - @rebelroadco

Actually "The Blade" was the last one I recorded and it all came together really fast. Just in time.

4. Do you feel like you've learned anything about yourself during the process of creating this album? - @Krismac28

I've definitely settled more into who I am ... I've learned to trust my gut feelings more for sure.

5. What inspired you to write "Bombshell"? - @ElizabethE715

I was just thinking about all the bombshells in life we have to drop.. Never fun.. But we all have them.

6. Who are your musical inspirations? - @WomenInCountry

So many. Emmylou, Bonnie, Vince, Eagles, Tom Petty, Roger Miller, Patty Loveless, Joni Mitchell. Tons.

7. Which song from #TheBlade did you have the most fun writing? - @Krismac28

I'd have to say "winning streak" @JessiLAlexander & @ChrisStapleton & I wrote that 1 pretty fast.

8. Do you ever get nervous about releasing a new record? - @charitybxo

More excited than nervous. Of course I want it to do well.. But I'm so proud of it, I wanted it out!!

9. Where did the idea for I'm Good At Leaving come from? that's one of my favorites - @caitlyn_lackey

Was packing (And I pack like a CHAMP)& I was observing how good at leaving I am. Then started singin it.

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