OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow and Celebrity Rumors

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I wonder if Taylor Swift would agree with Tim Tebow's theory that if one celeb meets another celeb, rumors about a romance start straight away. "It's amazing, I can meet someone for 10 minutes at an event, and the next thing you know, you're dating that person, you've been with them for two years, and you're about to have four kids with them. It's amazing how rumors can spread," the New York Jets quarterback told E! News at a charity golf outing. The rumors Tebow may be referring to are the ones that had him and Swift recently falling in love. And Harry Styles, 18, the shaggy, swoopy-haired English singer who is one-fifth of the boy band One Direction, echoed Tebow's sentiments that he and Swift are just friends. He admitted to Australia's Herald Sun that after meeting at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards, they exchanged numbers and now text each other. "We met in America, she's very nice, yes. She is very talented. She's very nice. We're friends," he said. But, all of that said, if Swift does decide to date one of these two, my money's on Tebow.

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