Recap: 'Gainesville: Virgin Territory'

Lovin' Ain't Always Easy

Love was certainly in the air on last night's new episode of Gainesville. For some it was a cool breeze of new romance, for others it was more of a hurricane with gale-force winds.

Let's take a quick look back at where the couples on our new favorite show stand... ❤

Beth and Kenny

Kenny may have apologized for the way he treated Beth during the third episode of the season, but she was in no mood to forgive and forget last night. Will these two ever be able to work it out? We hope so, cause #Benny has a pretty great ring to it! ?

Brian and Andreya

We thought after last week's reconciliation that those two would finally be back together, but Andreya still doesn't seem convinced. After her train wreck date with Kolby this week, and with Kerryn finally out of the picture, we're hoping she really gives Brian another chance! ?

Kerryn and Sebastian

Sebastian may have come into Kerryn's life at the perfect time. She finally removed herself from the whole Brian/Andreya love triangle, and seems to have found an awesome, caring, great-haired new guy! We hope this one lasts for sure. ? Do we think any of these relationships will stand the test of time? Sound off below and for more of the Gainesville gang, catch all new episodes Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. And for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more, head over to, the CMT app, the official Gainesville Facebook page and Twitter using #Gainesville.

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