Hey, Miranda Lambert, That’s My Story, Too

What Every Songwriter Wants to Hear

To hear Miranda Lambert explain it, it all makes perfect sense.

“There’s nothing else you want as a songwriter but to write something down and someone go, ‘Hey, that’s my story, too,’” Lambert says in a video she posted on Wednesday (Nov. 30) on Instagram.

And so many of the songs on her new album are my stories, too. I feel that connection to too many to list, so I absolutely get what she’s saying in this video.

Especially when Lambert says that she’s already said everything.

“I feel really strongly about the only talking I needed to do, I’ve done," she said. "And it’s on tape."

"All the parts of me, all the parts of the pain I went through, everything that happens to a person in their life -- especially in the past couple years for

me -- is on this record,” she said of The Weight of These Wings.

“People will think what they will or say what they will," she said. "I’m mostly hoping that they’ll read into this music and feel their own journey."

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