Carrie Underwood's Mother's Intuition Already On

She Knows Not to Name Her Son Bo

There will be no Bo Fisher.

If Carrie Underwood has a say in the matter -- which she obviously does because this is her son she is carrying -- her first child will not be named Bo Fisher.

But that’s the name her husband Mike Fisher is trying to talk her into.

“He keeps trying to push the name ‘Bo’ for our little guy,” Underwood said in a recent radio interview. “I just won’t have it. Bo Fisher? I don’t know. I don’t like it. He thinks of it like bow and arrow.”

(Don’t tell Luke Bryan that, though. His first son, who is almost 7 years old now, is named Bo.)

One other thing Underwood and Fisher haven’t agreed on yet is the décor for the baby’s nursery.

“(Mike) saw this car bed thing for a baby, and I was like, ‘We’re not getting one of those!’ He’s going to get a crib,” she said.

Then again, maybe once the baby is ready for a toddler bed and too big for his crib, she will acquiesce on the car bed issue. She admits it’s a little daunting to even get the room ready because when you go into a baby store these days, there’s just so much. And it's all so cute.

“We do have a room that’s a work in progress,” she said. “It’s really overwhelming to go into any baby store. The first time I went, I made Mike go with me because I knew it was overwhelming, and I wanted him to see it all and take it all in. Because there’s so much stuff, so many things, and there’s really no help. So it’s been interesting. It’s been a challenge.”

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