Thomas Rhett Is Excited to "See If I Actually Remember All Of The Words" to His Songs Once He Returns to Touring

Thomas Rhett recently released 'Country Again: Side A', the first half of a two-part project.

Like most artists, Thomas Rhett says he is "excited" for touring to resume. He will launch his 2021 Center Point Road Tour on Aug. 13 in Orange Beach, Alabama.

The singer-songwriter recently told CMT's Cody Alan how he's feeling about finally getting back on the road.

"Man, I am nervous. I haven't been nervous in a year and a half. You know?" Thomas Rhett told Alan. "Especially for anything music-wise. I think when you tour as hard as we have, you get into this flow like, 'I know how to do this,' and then you stop for a moment, you are like, "Do I know how to do this?'"

One of the biggest challenges? Remembering the lyrics to some of his chart-topping hits.

"I am really excited to get back with the band and sing into a microphone and see if I actually remember all of the words to my songs," he said. "But to get back into that 'entertainer role' and just watching people scream again, me and the band are really looking forward to that."

Rhett will have plenty of new music to play once he does return to in-person concerts; he recently released Country Again: Side A, the first of a two-part project.

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