The Voice Winner Craig Wayne Boyd Says He Was Voted Out of Texas Hill

Texas Hill, which includes reality show vets Casey James and Adam Wakefield, replaced Craig Wayne Boyd with three new members.

“The Voice” champion Craig Wayne Boyd is getting a fresh start in 2023, whether he wants one or not.

After winning “The Voice” in 2014, the father of five co-founded the band Texas Hill with two other reality show veterans, Casey James and Adam Wakefield. However, the band revealed in a social media post this week that Boyd was out of the band, which had added three new members -- Bart Walker, Louis Winfield and Clark Singleton.

“These musicians are incredible, and we’re honored to have them join us from here on out,” the statement read. “We’re going into the studio next month to start recording the new record and are gonna be on the road all year long. We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve been cooking up, and hope you come see us when we’re in your neck of the woods.”

The post explained that Boyd would no longer be a part of the project but didn’t list a reason.

“We’re incredibly grateful for his contribution to the band over the past few years,” the post continued. “We’ve made some great music together, and wish him all the best in his new endeavors.”

Boyd hasn’t issued a statement on his departure, but Everything Nash reported he commented to a fan on Facebook that he was forced out of the group.

“I was voted out of the band I started – but I am excited to get back to getting out and entertaining folks with good Country music!” he wrote.

Boyd’s fans reacted with fierce backlash.

“You didn’t break up an amazingly talented band with uniquely gifted individuals. You broke up OUR FAMILY,” commented fan Julie Brumfield. “A family that supported, loved and trusted you through all of it and went ALL IN for you. Adam and Amanda, not surprising, I’ll just leave it at that. Casey…you’ve been through enough to know better and to know this was a ‘REAL’ family. Muscling out someone with 5 children right before Christmas, someone who put their entire heart into this FAMILY and who without, there would not be a Texas Hill to begin with, that just screams ‘classy.’”

Another fan added: “I don’t think you handled this break up very well!” said fan Nancy Audas. “I am a Craig Wayne Boyd fan and have been since his first note on The Voice! 🏆 I believe by kicking him out of the group he started, you have done him a big favor! He is a fantastic stand alone singer, full of charm, charisma in addition to a great voice! For me and many he was the draw to see Texas Hill.”

However, some people are more circumspect.

“Bands can be very complicated,” said Kimberly Myracle Sebastian. “There can be financial, creative and personality differences among other issues. Most of us have no understanding of their private reasons for splitting. Obviously, it wasn’t of Craig’s choosing; but they are ALL talented musicians! There’s plenty of room in the entertainment industry for everyone.”

Boyd, James and Wakefield had performed together since 2019. Boyd told Everything, Nash, that it was his wife’s idea to start the group.

“I was sitting in my garage thinking about what I wanted to do in my own personal career,” he said. “I felt beat up a little bit, and I just wanted to get back to the love of music. And one of those things for me was singing harmonies and singing in a group. In talking with my wife, who is the brilliant one, she asked who I would want to sing with. And both of these guys are my first choices. This is who I would see if I had my dream vocal group. I like their voices. I’m a fan of both of them, so I called them up.”

Boyd captured the hearts of country music fans while competing on The Voice. Boyd was homeless when he tried out for the show after spending more than a decade in Nashville. His win earned him a record deal for a brief period and he met his now wife while in Los Angeles competing on the show. 

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