CMT Roundup: New Music From Catie Offerman, Chris Young, Brian Kelley and more

Hear the newest songs from country music's best and brightest on CMT's Roundup playlist.

The holiday break is over, and country singers are slinging new songs to streaming services this week faster than you can say Happy New Year.

Chris Young, Scotty McCreery, Brian Kelley and Catie Offerman are just a few of country's best and brightest dropping new music this second Friday in January.

Hear these songs and more on CMT's Roundup playlist.

Chris Young, "Right Now": "You're in that in-between phase of a relationship going, 'It's late, I can't sleep. I'm wondering where you are, and you're wondering where I'm at. Let's not wonder about it anymore. Let's be in the same place,'" Young said.

Scotty McCreery, "Can't Pass The Bar": "I grew up loving '90s country music, especially the barn-burning songs," McCreery said. "I wanted one of my own, so I got together with some of my buddies, and we wrote it," said McCreery. "Can't wait to perform this song live on the Cab in a Solo Tour."

Peytan Porter, "Lemonade": "This is a song I've had in my pocket for a little while now, and it's one that really taps into the music I love to listen to and create," said Porter. "I'm so excited to finally release it - it got a lot of love on the road last summer. I can't wait to share the rest of what I have in store for y'all this year!"

Catie Offerman, "Sound Of Missing You": "Sound Of Missing You' put me back in every dancehall in [my homestate] Texas, reminiscing on every broken heart," Offerman said. "The truth is that not every honky tonk memory is a happy one. I remember distinctly the day we wrote it and Justin telling me he had this idea inspired by his dog, Gnocchi. His dog would whine for him and his wife, Jeanine, said "that's the sound of him missing you," which of course is an amazing song title! I'm so grateful I was on the writing calendar that day!"

Dylan Schneider, "Bad Decisions": "'Bad Decisions' is a song I've been excited about since the day we wrote it," says Schneider. "It's about always falling back into that on-and-off cycle with that same someone you know you should just let go. I feel like we've all been there before, and I can't wait for everyone to hear it."

Brian Kelley, "Trucks, Ducks, Bucks & Beer": "I've loved this song since the moment we wrote it. I had saved the title for this specific group of songwriters, and it turned out just as I envisioned… with all of my favorite things in one song," shares Kelley. "Country music can evoke so many emotions, and with 'Trucks, Ducks, Bucks & Beer,' I feel several at the same time."

Troy Cartwright, "Over You By Now": "We did this vocal in one take," Cartwright said. "Kyle asked me if I wanted to re-sing it, and I said "no". This song does what all my favorite songs do - it tells the truth. There is no trick to it - it's just the raw emotion of being in the dead center of a heartbreak and trying to find your way out. It was easy to write because it was hard to go through. If you've been there before, you know. And if you're there right now, I hope this helps."

Reid Haughton, "Man Made Money": "I wrote the song in May of last year, and it was my first write with one of my songwriting heroes and fellow Alabamian Adam Hood," Haughton said. "I had been hanging onto the title for a while and decided to throw it out that day. I knew about halfway through the write that I loved this tune and wanted to record it ASAP. About a month later, I realized I had taken that idea from my grandpa. I once heard him say to my grandma years ago, 'I got the money, honey, if you've got the time' while they were out shopping. I'm proud of the way it turned out, and I'm excited to put it out to the world."

Chancey Williams, "A Cowboy Who Would": "I've been mostly releasing music I either wrote or co-wrote because it has been hard for me to find songs that really capture what I'm all about, but I loved 'A Cowboy Who Would' the first time I heard it," said Williams. "Even better, the writers were kind enough to let Brice (Long, producer) and I make some small tweaks to it, so it really fits me. My team and I are really excited about this one."

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