HOT DISH: Faith Hill Causes Stir After Fan Gets a Handful

She Was Just Following Tammy Wynette's Advice at Louisiana Concert

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Faith Hill caused a stir from Maine to California when a female fan at a concert in Lafayette, La., grabbed Tim McGraw's private parts. While the music played, Faith spoke into a microphone and said, "Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend." Then Faith told her she had no business grabbing that specific body part of someone else's husband. "That's disrespectful," she said. A video of Faith's remarks showed up all over the Web.

If you ask me, anybody who has the bad taste to criticize Faith for what she said and did is an idiot. Let me ask: What if the tables were turned and some drunk grabbed Faith in the crotch? Lord knows, Tim would be jailed for attempted murder, and half of Music City, including me, would be trying to bail him out. Faith was doing what Tammy Wynette commanded women to do more than three decades ago -- "Stand by Your Man."

I am sure all decent females in Louisiana are embarrassed and ashamed by the unrefined fan who did this trashy act. Surely to goodness and mercy, let's not get to the point where stars cannot perform without the fear of someone grabbing their body parts.

Faith and Tim have three beautiful young daughters who should not have to be innocent victims of their father facing such an embarrassment. Shame on the woman who committed this heinous act. Lord have mercy on her sinful soul. And, woman, if you can't behave yourself any better than that, I suggest you stay at home when country music comes to town.

Steve Martin Picks After Saying, "I Do"

Tim O'Brien, Pete Wernick and Nick Forrester, original members of the hot bluegrass group Hot Rize, along with Nashville guitarist David Grier played at Steve Martin's surprise wedding to journalist Anne Stringfield in Los Angeles on July 28. Actors Tom Hanks and Diane Keaton were among the guests invited to a sit-down dinner but ended up watching a marriage ceremony, too. Besides being an actor, Steve is a banjo player, a huge bluegrass fan and a close friend of Earl Scruggs. Martin sat in with the band after dinner. Isn't that just like a bluegrass bridegroom? After saying, "I do," it seemed like the right thing to do was to just rare back and play some banjo.

Show Goes On for Little Big Town

On July 27, Little Big Town performed for the first time with three members instead of the usual four. It happened in Las Vegas after the group's Kimberly Roads and husband Stephen Schlapman welcomed new daughter Daisy Pearl, who arrived three weeks early while LBT was still on the road in Phoenix. When the tour wraps up this week, the group will head back to Nashville to work on their second album for the Equity label.

Are Wreckers a Duo No Mo'?

Let's see if I can get this straight. Michelle Branch had a hit pop song -- and Jessica Harp was her backup singer. Michelle Branch married her guitar player -- and they had a baby. Branch and Harp formed a country duo called the Wreckers -- and their album went gold.

Branch recently announced onstage in New York that Harp is engaged to the fiddle player in their band. Inspired to do something new, Branch and Harp have now announced they are taking a break from the Wreckers to concentrate on solo projects. I hope they know what they are doing. What I want to know is who gets the guitar player and who gets the fiddler?

Denise Jackson Finds Him

It happened years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday when I was told that tickets were not selling all that well for Alan Jackson's show at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. This had never been the case before. Alan's tickets were always so hot that they barely got to the ticket office before they were scooped up. But this time was different. Alan hadn't been living at home, and there were rumors of him cheating while his wife Denise was home alone to take care of their three girls -- one of them a newborn baby.

The couple's main problem had been that they were not communicating. Never working out a problem. Dropping a subject and letting it lie there. Clamming up. Pouting. All human errors.

Alan and Denise loved each other dearly, so they got back together and began to work things out at home. Still, there were the problems of slow ticket sales in Indy because of the rumors. To help out, Ms. Mouth (me) put it on radio big time as I tried to convince those precious fans that all was well in the Jackson household. I explained that they were happier than ever and even went deep sea fishing together. No, Alan didn't sell out at the fair that year, but he sold a whole lot more tickets than anyone ever imagined.

Time has passed, and now Denise has written her book that's titled It's All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life. It came as no great surprise to me that the "Him" in the book's title is God, not Alan. Both of the Jacksons are deeply spiritual people. Remember Alan's Precious Memories, the gospel album he made for his mom?

According to those who know, Denise's Bible class at a Baptist church near Nashville has meant volumes to her. No longer lost in her husband's celebrity, she's not afraid or ashamed to reach out for truth in her life. She's a stronger wife and a stronger mother for standing on her own two feet and trusting in the Almighty. Couples who love each other, but are still troubled by life's circumstances, might think about their own spiritual journey after reading this meaningful book. I recommend it.

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