WATCH: Jordan Davis Duets Viral “Buy Dirt” Parody By Nashville Newcomers

Two musicians are reminding country fans to “Pay Rent” in time, to the tune of “Buy Dirt.”

Aspiring country musicians Pierre Alexander and Chris Ruediger took to TikTok to share with fans the harsh reality of the entertainment industry.

The two highlighted obstacles multiple musicians face while pursuing their craft in the 10-year town in a reimagined version of “Buy Dirt” by Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan.

“This is ‘Buy Dirt’ but from the perspective of a broke Nashville Musician,” shared Alexander before he kicked off the parody with Ruediger.

“Pay rent, find a one bed on the edge of town |put a first-month deposit down |go broke first of every month |never get the chance to save up,” Alexander sings before his partner chimed in to stress even more struggles. “Locked into a 16-month lease |still don’t know how to use the amenities | when mom calls and asks how I’ve been | can’t help it I start crying,” he added.

While maintaining a straight face – the music hopefuls blend their soulful voices together, creating ear-worthy harmonies. Within the chorus, they poke fun at country hitmaker Luke Bryan and declare that they can’t live with their parents, so they pay rent.

“Cause the truth about it is | we ain’t ‘Luke Bryan Rich’ | can’t live with our parents | so we pay rent,” the two delivered next to a Tennessee river bend.

In a short amount of time, the clip raked in 290.3K views and received praise from other performers trying to place their names on the map within the country music space.

“This is 3 chords and THE TRUTH,” said Restless Road in the comments. “This 👏 👏 great job guys! 😂,” shared budding artist Bryan Lanning.

Following the rapid success and viral moment, the clip made it across Davis’ desk. The hitmaker instantly responded to the video by singing along to the comical lyrics.

“Buddy of mine sent me this, this is hilarious, pay rent…” Davis said before shining a light on the witty play on words.

While admiring their take on the smash hit, the chart-topping artist gave the two budding musicians some words of encouragement.

“Been there fellas…well done,” he wrote under the video. “Y’all crushed this👊,” he told Alexander in the comments of the duet. The singer’s reaction garnered over 1 million views in less than three days.

The hilarious duet follows Davis' recent social media post teasing his unreleased single, “Money Isn’t Real.” Another enlightening anthem that explains the value of a dollar and emphasizes that money can’t buy happiness. No additional information has been revealed about the forthcoming track.

As fans wait patiently for Davis to drop his sentimental anthem, they can tune into the 2022 ACM Awards on Monday, March 7, to hear the star join forces with the “American Idol” judge to perform “Buy Dirt.”

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