Jake Rose Realizes His Ex Did Him a Favor

His video co-star is now his girlfriend, too.

After that initial sting of a breakup, Jake Rose believes that things can really turn around in your love life. That's the inspiration behind "Favor." Check out his brand new video and read the exclusive Q&A below.

What do you remember most about the time you shot this video?

We shot a lot of the performance shots at a gas station just outside of Nashville at sundown. I just remember tons of people coming up to get gas and looking at us like, “Why do they have cameras?” and “Why is that dude singing?!……OHHHH it’s a music video!!!” Welcome to Music City USA!!! Even the gas stations have a little show biz.

How does the video bring your song to life?

Well, this song is a true story about my ex, and we basically recreated what actually happened. I had a feeling my ex was cheating on me and saw texts on her phone that confirmed it. The song is about the silver lining when something like this happens to you -- one door closes and the next opens. Sometimes when things go wrong in life they hurt but they are blessings in disguise.

Rachel, my girlfriend now, plays the girl in the video who also gets cheated on and I end up with her at the end of the video. I can say, I’m truly blessed for what happened before because it brought me to Rachel! (Side note: I wrote the song before I met Rachel, so the “blue eyes” line would have been “brown” instead!)

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

I want people who have had something like this happen to them to know, most of the time the person is doing you a FAVOR! They obviously were not the right person for you and now they just made it an easy decision. Of course it’s not quite that easy, but it certainly helps you move on. Once you find the right person you will realize how glad you are that you’re not with that person who hurt you. You will be much happier in the end, and there is no sweeter revenge than moving on from being hurt and being happy!

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

It was kind of surreal since this story of the song is so real and it’s actually my real-life girlfriend who I end up with in the video! Feels like a movie of my actual life. It also makes me happy. This song was kind of therapeutic for me to write and articulate my feelings after all this happened to me. I love hearing it on the radio and fans sing it back to me now. Makes the heartache fade away very quickly, ha!

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