WATCH: Carrie Underwood Shares Cute Video Of Son Working Out

Carrie Underwood: "Jake starting the day off right."

Carrie Underwood has long been known as one of the fittest singers in country music. Her toned legs are objects of envy and helped launch her former trainer into the world of celebrity fitness. Underwood teamed with Dick's Sporting Goods in 2015 to release Calia, her own workout clothes and activewear brand.

Given her dedication to health, Underwood was pleased this week when she caught her young son Jake working out by himself. Underwood posted a video Friday of Jake, 3, getting in a sweat session.

"The boys found one of my old Tae Bo DVDs in a box of things," Underwood wrote. "And Jake thought he'd have himself a little morning workout! 😂 I may soon have myself a gym buddy! 💪💪💪.

Little Jake watched the DVD on a smaller player and tried to follow the moves, including leg lifts, kicks, arm movements and stretches.

Underwood captioned the video: "Jake starting the day off right."

The video attracted the attention of many of Underwood's country counterparts and touring partners. 

Zach Swon wrote: "Haven't heard the words Tae Bo in a minute ….. or DVD ….. 🤓"

Jimmie Allen said: "He's getting after it. That's more exercising than I've done in the last 3 years."

Jennifer Wayne added: "Omg I'm dying."

With Underwood gearing up to relaunch her Denim and Rhinestones next month, it's a sure bet the singer is paying attention to daily fitness. Underwood's tour, which also includes Jimmie Allen, will relaunch in February in Miami, Florida, and conclude on March 17 in Seattle. 

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