Brett Young Opens Up About His Daddy-Daughter Lunch Dates: "She's My Little Buddy"

Brett Young says his daughter Presley absorbs everything like a "sponge" and reveals how his children influenced his creativity.

In case you didn't know… Brett Young's best friend is his two-year-old daughter, Presley.

In honor of Father's Day just around the corner, the country crooner caught up (June 12) with Big Machine Label Group to discuss his favorite activities to do with his two daughters. The California native and his wife Taylor Mills Young share Rowan Marie (11 months) and Presley Elizabeth (2) together.

Between creating new music and touring, Young makes time every week to bring his oldest out for a daddy-daughter date. The "Lady" singer told BMLG they found a convenient eatery in town, where they like to spend quality time together.

"We go on daddy-daughter lunch dates a couple of times a week," Young shared. "There's a little restaurant in our community that we'll go up to, and it's my favorite," he added.

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The hitmaker continued to mention that the quick bite allows him to have a conversation with his daughter without any distractions.

"We just chat the whole time. She's my little buddy," he explained. "Presley started talking kind of early, so we're full sentences. She'll finish a sentence, you think? and then she'll go, 'Oh, and also ...' And then she'll say something else. And it's like, 'oh and also?' Where are you getting this stuff?"

Although Young may be a new father, he quickly learned to be careful of what he says around his children.

"You realize what a sponge they are," he pointed out to his record label. "It's not something that we taught them, it's something that they overheard and that they are putting into practice already. And she'll do stuff like that all the time."

Young said Presley catches him off guard from time to time with her vast vocabulary and mature lingo.

"In the morning, she gets her screen time, quote, unquote. In the morning, when she first wakes up, like both me and my wife, she wakes up kind of slow. So, most of the time we'll say, you know, 'Do you wanna watch your cartoons in bed or do you want to go downstairs?' And she'll say, 'You know, I was in here all night. Why don't we watch it downstairs?' Or she'll say things like, 'Downstairs, that would be a good idea.' And I'm like, who are you? You're two. You sound like a 10-year-old."

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This was not the first time Young had expressed his love for fatherhood. In fact, he told E! News that Presley influenced his artistry and inspired his children's book, "Love You, Little Lady." Young's new perspective on life is evident in his 2021 collection, "Weekends Look A Little Different These Days."

"If I wasn't careful, fatherhood would have inspired all of them, and we would have had a lullaby record," Brett jokingly said to the outlet. "In terms of the song writing, it put me in a position where I had to actually stretch myself pretty far and not just write about what today was like or what I'm feeling right now. It made me realize that there was a huge audience of people who had fallen in love with the first record, specifically songs like' Mercy' where it broke their heart."

With the fan-favorite children's book "Love You, Little Lady" flying off the shelves, the multi-platinum vocalist recently publicized that he's toying with the idea of writing another about his newborn, Rowan Marie.

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"I hadn't considered doing another one until I started thinking about how I owed Rowan, our youngest, a song," he declared. "I'm like, yeah, I also owe her a book because she's not represented in the first book either. So, I think that there's plenty of reason to write a song for Rowan and adapt that into book number two."

Young has not moved forward with the book proposal or song idea just yet. Although from the looks of his parenting style, Young tends to go the extra mile to make his daughters happy. The chart-topping artist has several show dates scheduled for the summer and will be taking his talents overseas in November for a European run. Tickets are available for purchase, here.

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