LISTEN: Zach Bryan Releases "Dawns" Featuring Maggie Rogers To Celebrate The Eagles Big Win In The NFL Playoff

Zach Bryan gives football fans an exciting surprise.

Zach Bryan knows how to keep a promise.

Before the Philadelphia Eagles went head-to-head with the New York Giants in the NFL playoffs Saturday night, the vocalist assured his fans that he would release a new track if his team won.

Lucky enough, the Pennsylvania native witnessed the Eagles bring home the victory and country music fans received a new track called, "Dawns."

"If the Giants beat the Eagles, can we get a single released?" asked a listener on Twitter. "If the Eagles beat the Giants, I'll release dawns," Bran confirmed (Jan. 17) early last week.

The country crooner teamed up with indie pop artist Maggie Rogers for "Dawns," a grungy melody different from the rest of his impressive catalog. The two co-wrote the dark narrative, which conveys a couple post-breakup. The protagonist finds himself blazing with anger, as he pleads for the belongings and dignity he lost in the relationship. While wrapped in the situation, he also reflects on his mother's death.

"All is fair in love and war |  So what the hell are we even fightin' for? | I'm on your front porch beggin' for my dawns back | Give my goddamn records and my clothes back | "'Cause I'm through | Oh, how I'm through," sings Bryan. "And by the time she wakes | I'll be halfway to my mama's home | It just dawned on me | Life is as fleeting as the passin' dawn |  And it was my mistake | 'Cause she never said a thing about Jesus | I miss my mother's southern drawl |  And her prayin' through the walls in the evening."

The vocalists leave the captivating story with a cliffhanger-like ending, as it is unclear if the two end up back together. The exhilarating melody is infused with traditional country sounds, from the steel guitar to a cello arrangement that compliments his signature rasp.

Bryan turned to social media (Jan. 27) to share the cover art, which features him on a vacant farm smoking a cigarette.

"go birds," he wrote, referring to his fulfilled promise.

CMT's "Listen Up" artist is a well-oiled machine when it comes to songwriting. The promising artist released his whopping album "American Heartbreak" in 2022, EP "Summertime Blues," and multiple singles. Most recently, Bryan released "All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster," a 24-song collection recorded live from his legendary concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.

Bryan has not confirmed if "Dawns" would be featured in his forthcoming collection, due to drop in February. However, he pointed out that the unreleased track "Deep Satin" will be included. Before Bryan embarks on his nationwide Burn, Burn, Burn Tour, he will attend the 64th GRAMMY Awards. The clever songsmith has scored a nomination in "Best Country Solo Performance" category for his record-breaking ballad, "Something In The Orange."

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