Margo Price Opens Up About Forthcoming Memoir "Maybe We'll Make It"

"Maybe We'll Make It" by Margo Price will be available for purchase on October 4, 2022.

Country music star and producer Margo Price recently revealed that her heart is within the pages of her forthcoming memoir, "Maybe We'll Make It." The "Learning to Lose" singer joined Joy Williams, host of Apple Music Country's Southern Craft Radio to dish on the novel coming in October.

Prince mentioned that the highly anticipated project covers various topics from grief, marriage, alcoholism, and the struggles she faced as a musician.

"It's really about the ten years that my husband (Jeremy Ivey) and I were struggling to get our foot in the door living in Nashville," she shared. "And we went through a really, really rough patch. We lost one of our children when he was really young to a heart defect."

The 39-year-old mother welcomed twin boys Ezra Ivey and Judah Quinn Ivey into the world in 2010. Two weeks later, Price and her husband Jeremy Ivey faced the unimaginable when Ezra passed away due to a congenital heart condition. Nine years later, Price gave birth to her daughter Ramona Lynn Ivey.

Prince told Williams that her marriage was on the rocks following her son's death.

"We went through a really tough time in our marriage obviously. Anybody who loses a child is going to be affected by that. And so it's a vulnerability hangover," she pointed out while also revealing that the book will touch upon her journey to sobriety. "That's what I keep telling people. It's been about my struggle with addiction and drinking. I just kind of recently have eradicated the booze from my life, which has been really great and really helpful. It's a ride."

Once Price completed the writing process, she had mixed emotions about whether or not to publish the body of work.

"It's like I got done with it, and I was like, 'I don't even think I want to put this out into the world,'" she recalled. "I just don't know what I was thinking. I was doing it more as a therapy exercise," she added about opening up and getting vulnerable.

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The fearless female built up the courage to share her story despite her negative thoughts. Price stressed that she placed outsider voices on the back burner to persevere. She hopes others learn from her roller-coaster-like life and connect on a personal level.

"I was having just these questions about is this the right time? Should I wait longer? Am I going to make people upset? I really just tried to tell my own story and not air anyone else's dirty laundry or whatever but just really tell where I have been and where I'm coming from," she uttered. "I just got to connect with the people who understand what I'm doing. I need to connect with more musicians, mothers, and people who have just been through the wild ride that this is," she concluded.

The raw and touching memoir "Maybe We'll Make It" will hit the shelves on October 4, 2022. Price recently released the deluxe version of "That's How Rumors Get Started." The 19-song collection includes unheard singles, and covers of Bobbie Gentry, Lesley Gore, and Linda Ronstadt. The must-listen track list is available to stream everywhere.

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