Carrie Underwood Leads Fans Through Surprise Live Workout Experience

The "Before He Cheats" vocalist highlights her CALIA fitness clothing line and fit52 app

Between her fit52 app and CALIA (pronounced Cuh-Lee-Ah) fitness clothing and workout gear brand, Carrie Underwood clearly puts both her -- and her fans' -- fitness first as a priority. Having emerged from COVID-19 healthy and still in impressive physical condition, the "Before He Cheats" vocalist recently making a surprise appearance to lead fans in a workout experience at a Dick's House of Sport in Knoxville, Tennessee, should come as no surprise.

Underwood joined her personal trainer, Eve Overland, shocked fans and instructors at a private workout, guiding them through a fit52 workout. Plus, attendees were given a CALIA shopping experience at the store. The Knoxville location of Dick's House of Sport, The second-ever Dick’s House of Sport, has retail items, plus a 24,000-square-feet turf field, rock climbing wall, and batting cages. Community initiatives -- including field days, sports practices, yoga classes, camps, clinics, rock climbing, and birthday parties -- will also occur in the space.

Regarding her five-year-old athleisure line, the former American Idol winner noted, "When we created CALIA, we thought about what we, as women, wanted and needed – subtle touches like a place to put your phone or an unexpected design detail." She adds, "Like so many of you, I’m pulled in a million directions trying to get everything done and still work in a workout. It can sometimes feel impossible, but when I make time for me, I am better in all aspects of life. Sometimes that means a workout at dawn or finding time between tuck-ins and dinner plans. We set out to create a versatile, feminine wardrobe to inspire you on your journey to be your best self, making sure the fit, feel and look were right – for you."

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