Carrie Underwood in Charge of Family Reunion

All About the Country Music "Fanily"

Fanily is what we're calling the fans who make up the country music family.

And Carrie Underwood may not have technically used the word "fanily," but I know that's what she meant when she talked with Parade about how the tragedy in Las Vegas would affect the vibe of the CMA Awards.

"Every day things change in the world. That's ongoing. We've gotten used to news changing and different events happening the closer we get to the CMAs. But this one -- we lost members of our family in our fans," Underwood said. "Because they are members of our family."

That said, she admitted that the getting ready part has been fun for her and her co-host Brad Paisley.

"It's all good. It's like we're in charge of the family reunion. Like the mom and dad at a reunion," she said, "making sure everybody is bringing the casseroles."

So what's mom wearing to this family reunion? A lot. Underwood says her wardrobe changes are a given.

"I think at this point if I came out in one or two dresses people would be like, 'Wait, what? That's not cool!' I'm never trying to do more than the last year," she said of the 12 changes she made throughout the 2016 CMAs. "I just try on dresses and I'm like, 'I found 11 that I love, so let's do 11. Can we work that in somehow?'"

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