How Hunter Hayes Does Hawaii

Lava Fields, Espresso Shots and Volcano Dinners

As much as I love seeing Hunter Hayes in concert, now I think I might like to see him on vacation. Because it sounds like he does it like a local.

In a new story on, Hayes talks about his love of cars and all the different ones he's driven since he got his permit as a teenager.

But at the end, there's a part about his favorite road trip. In Hawaii.

"When I'm on vacation, my favorite thing to do the first day is to get in a car and literally explore -- look at a map, get your bearing, and then just hit the road because when you're not looking at the map, when you're not focused on where you think you're going, you discover all kinds of cool places," Hayes explained.

He did that on a recent trip to Hawaii with his girlfriend, and while they had a few recommendations on where to go, his plan was just to circle the island.

"We started out having lunch by the water. It was beautiful -- palm trees, the quintessential beach thing, then we drove through this giant lava field, then we drove through what felt like the rain foresty vibe that was super tropical, lots of trees. We stopped off at a coffee plantation -- I'm a big coffee fanatic. That was a really cool experience. We had a 3,000-foot, up-in-the-air view of the ocean and the coastline at the coffee plantation while having a shot of espresso," he said.

It was a good thing he had that caffeine, too, because they ended up having dinner by a volcano at sunset.

The road trip was good for his soul, he said, to experience everything without any expectations. "We didn't know where we were going or what we were going to do, and it was one of the best days I've ever had.

"I knew as long as we stayed on that one road, it would peel off at one point, but that as long as we stayed on that one road, we'd be where we wanted to be," Hayes said.

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