PREMIERE: Nelly Joy's "I Don't Give A Truck" Gives Heartbreak An Uplifting Twist

"I am hoping this video will simply put a smile on the faces of country music fans," the singer-songwriter says

Abilene, Texas-born singer-songwriter Nelly Joy's "I Don't Give A Truck" offers a note on tough times that leans deep into the sweeter than the bitter side of contemplating heartbreak and moving on.

"My dream for this song was to pair the heartbreak cheating lyrical narrative with a fun and upbeat line dance that everyone can learn," Joy says, regarding the song itself. "Dancing can be extremely therapeutic. Lord knows, my husband and I had plenty of 'kitchen dance parties' in 2020 as we navigated through some tough times. I am hoping this video will simply put a smile on the faces of country music fans."

Regarding "I Don't Give A Truck'"s Malibu-shot video, the performer adds, "I hope this video inspires people to get back up on their feet, be strong, and dance it off as you let go of a ‘love gone wrong scenario’. Before I got married, it’s safe to say that I fell for a few ‘bad boys’ and yes, they all drove a TRUCK. It’s a beautiful moment in life, when you can move on and leave heartbreak in the dust."

Even deeper, she notes a timelessly memorable instance from the shoot: "When we gathered together on the edge of the canyon with the sun setting over the ocean in the background to say a brief prayer, in that picturesque moment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone being able to come together to do what we love, especially following such a heartbreaking year in our world. It will forever be one of my favorite memories of this journey."

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