See How Kane Brown Is Owning TikTok Right Now

His New "Worship" TikTok Has Made Believers Out of All of Us

Back when we were all brand new to this TikTok thing, Kane Brown gave his a reboot with a flip-the-switch video just when we needed it most: at the very beginning of the coronavirus quarantine.

Then about a month into the pandemic, Brown added another dance video after saying, "Ain’t been on here in a minute."

Then another.

Then another.

Then, saving the best for almost last, he shared a bit of a new unreleased song called "Worship" while he danced in his kitchen with his wife Katelyn and their seven-month-old baby girl, Kingsley Rose. "Help me blow this up! New song called worship unreleased," Brown wrote.

And the song goes something like this:

Don't get me wrong

I'm a God-fearing Christian man

But if you were a religion

I don't know what I'd do

I might have to worship you

I might have to sing your praise

I might have to go to church

Every single night and day

I might have to hit my knees

'Cause you lay it on my like the truth

And you love me like hallelujah

Now I might have to worship you

There have been more from the Brown family, but we are still devout about "Worship."

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