Brad Paisley Joins Rebuild Ukraine Program UNITED 24

“I am not alone in wanting to help Ukraine. But like a lot of people in America ... I haven't been sure exactly how to lend a hand."

Brad Paisley has never shied away from jumping into help when he sees a need. Tuesday, he revealed he had joined UNITED24 as an ambassador to support the Rebuild Ukraine program.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy launched UNITED24 as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of rebuilding and restoring homes damaged by the current war. The reconstruction plan is the largest rebuilding project in Ukraine since World War II.

“I am not alone in wanting to help Ukraine,” Paisley said in a statement. “But like a lot of people in America, until now I haven't been sure exactly how to lend a hand from over here in the U.S. I count myself very lucky to have been given a platform that will allow me to do that very thing. As an American, I see how very similar we are, how we share so many common values with these brave people in Ukraine, and I'm focusing my efforts on helping Ukrainian families rebuild and return to their homes.”


Russia invaded Ukraine 11 months ago today. This isn’t the first time Paisley has jumped in to help Ukraine citizens impacted by the invasion. Last year he supported Ukraine by participating in the 'Ukraine: Answering the Call' charity telethon, broadcast in prime time in the USA.

"I am happy that you decided to join, especially the Rebuild Ukraine program,” Zelenskyy said. “Many peoples' lives have been destroyed. Now we need to work with as many famous people as possible, who will draw attention to the restoration of homes for Ukrainians who've suffered from the war.”

UNITED24 collected more than $260 million from citizens of 110 countries worldwide in its first eight months of operation. To donate, visit here

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