Garth Brooks Is Ready For Country Fans to "Show Up in Good Fashion and Treat Each Other Well" at Concerts

"People need to be respectful and treat each other the same," says "The Thunder Rolls" vocalist

Garth Brooks' July 17 concert at Salt Lake City, Utah's Rice-Eccles Stadium is an enormous event that should likely be circled on calendars nationwide. It's there where country music as a live, touring entity truly begins the process of healing itself following the COVID-19 quarantine. In an interview before tickets going on sale for the event, the "The Thunder Rolls" vocalist told the city's ABC-4 News that he's excited for his fans to "show up in good fashion and treat each other well" at the concert.

The University of Utah's home stadium seats nearly 50,000 people, but Brooks' event will be a "stage in the round" scenario. Hence more seating than for sporting events is expected to be made available. COVID protocols will also be in effect for the festivities. The singer has also promised to bring a full documentary film and live concert recording crews to chronicle the experience.

"There's gonna be people there with masks and without masks, and people need to be respectful and treat each other the same," Brooks adds. "I'm also hoping people are there to sing [out loud], because when people do that, the less I have to work, and it adds to this being the most fun gig on the planet!"

The legendary artist notes that the current stadium tour will last into 2022, but he has no further live touring plans definitively set thereafter. But he also says that the country music fan community will have to "push him out of the door and throw him away" as a live act in future years.

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