Little Big Town Calls for More Harmony in the World

See Taylor Swift's Reaction to Her CMA Song of the Year Win

Little Big Town extended their acceptance speech for vocal group of the year at Wednesday's (Nov. 8) 2017 CMA Awards in the backstage press conferences.

When they met with members of the press, Karen Fairchild described music as the great unifier and said that the world could use the harmony Little Big Town practices onstage and off.

"It struck me when I was up there," Fairchild said, "we've been together because we might not agree on everything, but we talk about them across the table, and we [have] fellowship together, and we just say, 'I love you.' I might not agree, but we're friends.

"And we need more of that community in our lives and maybe we can put the differences aside or just agree to disagree. And so I think harmony for me, it just struck me like, that's really what we need is the ability to have a conversation without anger.

"It's OK to love people you disagree with."

Taylor Swift, the songwriter behind the song of the year and the Little Big Town hit "Better Man," couldn't attend Wednesday's show to accept her crystal bullet. Her album Reputation arrives Friday (Nov. 10), and she was in New York City rehearsing for her appearance on Saturday Night Live.

"That song shows what an amazing writer beyond the unbelievable pop star that she is," Jimi Westbrook said of Swift. "We just feel privileged to cut that song, and it's a beautiful song. And I think it's a lyric everybody can identify with."

"And we'll take her award and put it on our shelves," Kimberly Schlapman added. "She's got plenty."

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