Chris Janson Ready to Say, “Aloha From Hawaii”

Celebrates Another Top 5 Hit With Tim McGraw

With his 293rd and final show of the year completed, Chris Janson is taking the family to Hawaii for their first real vacation in quite a while.

“We’re never home, realistically,” Janson said in a recent conversation with “We’ve only been home 36-37 days this year. Our vacation most of the time is home. However, we’re going to Hawaii this year, which is going to be really fun, and I’m taking everybody. I’m taking in-laws, outlaws, cousins and brothers and all the kids.”

During their stay in the Aloha state, Janson plans to mostly do whatever his wife Kelly wants to do. He said, “That’s what makes me happy.” He also plans to catch some rays while riding some waves.

“I tried surfing at this private event I did out there and I got cut up by the reefs so bad,” he admitted. “It’s so hard, but I’m going to do it. What’s a redneck’s last words? ‘Hey y’all watch this -- give me a Mountain Dew.’”

Looking back on his 2016, Janson is thankful for the many blessings the year has provided. He says his top three moments of the year are his kids’ birthdays, celebrating eight years of marriage and having a job doing something he was born to do.

“God really is blessing us very much,” he said. “I always tell people, I never really practiced honing my craft as an artist. I’m going to always do it until the day that I die.”

Janson is currently enjoying another top five hit as a songwriter with Tim McGraw’s “How I’ll Always Be.” He co-wrote the song with hit-makers Jamie Paulin and Jeremy Stover. Janson’s first McGraw hit was “Truck Yeah,” which he co-wrote with LOCASH’s Preston Brust, Chris Lucas and hitmaker Danny Myrick.

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