Paige King Johnson Made Pam Tillis Cry With New Video

The country legend co-directs "Just Like You."

Paige King Johnson paints a realistic portrait of love in her new music video, "Just Like You." She doesn't brush past the harder parts of relationships, but instead her musical canvas conveys the upsides and downstrokes of knowing someone so well.

Johnson co-wrote the song with Regan Rousseau, and enlisted Josh Sikkema and country legend Pam Tillis as directors. Enjoy "Just Like You" by North Carolina native (and current Nashville resident) Paige King Johnson, then read our interview below the player.

What do you remember most about the shoot for this video?

I’m pretty sure I will always remember this shoot because it was shot in the middle of a pandemic. My team and I put off the shoot for months and months because of COVID restrictions, but once we felt it was safe enough to get our very small team together to get it done, we went at it full steam ahead!

It was very weird to add things such as COVID testing, mask and hand sanitizer purchases, and other things to the pre-production check list along with all the other normal items that needed to be dealt with before we started shooting. We also had to cut back the team quite a bit for gathering purposes, so I just remember how involved each and every person on set was in creating the beauty in this video -- each person truly had a hand in bringing this production to life!

How does the video bring your song to life?

This video exceeded all of my expectations for this song. Working with my country music hero, Pam Tillis, was an experience like no other -- she brought a new breath of life into this song that I, as a songwriter, would have never considered as the approach for the storyline of this video. Her new take on the lyrics as making the love interest in the song a painter who is so consumed by the girl that he can’t get her out of his own artwork was such a beautiful way to capture the meaning behind this love song of mine! I just love how her interpretation of it all came out on screen.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

I hope that as people watch this video, they can see the hard work and passion that are meant to go into the relationships that we have in our lives. The couple pictured throughout this story have their own struggles and disagreements and their own set of dreams that even take them in different directions, but at the end of the day they realize the connection they have with each other is irreplaceable and second best to anything else in their lives.

I think, so often, we can get so caught up in our own little worlds that we take advantage of the love and sacrifices that the other people in our lives continue to give us each day. Sometimes it takes them being out of our lives, even for a brief time, for us to realize just how empty we can feel without them there.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

I honestly could have cried when I saw the final edit of the video. Pam called me the second she saw it in her inbox -- before I could even watch it -- and she was in tears. She was so moved by the emotions captured on camera and was over the moon about the final product. I was the same way -- I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect visual representation of all the lyrics in this song!

Songwriters: Paige King Johnson, Regan Rousseau; Directors: Josh Sikkema, Pam Tillis

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