Tyler Hubbard Shares Universal Message In Music Video For Track "Inside And Out"

Tyler Hubbard: "This is one of my favorite songs, and I'm really excited for people to hear and see the message behind it through the video."

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard wants his daughter to know that she's beautiful "Inside And Out." 

The country hitmaker recently released a heartwarming music video for his empowering anthem, "Inside And Out." Hubbard co-wrote the feel-good melody with frequent collaborators Jordan Schmidt, Trevor Rosen, and Brad Tursi. 

The group of seasoned songsmiths cultivated a timeless melody that is powerful as Tim McGraw's "Humble And Kind." Although Hubbard previously dedicated the potential hit to his baby girl Olivia Rose, he says that the underlining message about internal beauty is meant to be "universal." 

"This is one of my favorite songs, and I'm really excited for people to hear and see the message behind it through the video," stressed Hubbard. "'Inside And Out' is also a family favorite, and my daughter calls it 'her song,' but the message is universal. I want my wife, kids, and really anyone listening, to know that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty…and I want everyone to hear that message in this song," he added. 

The platinum-selling performer first teased the upbeat single back in May on his Instagram story, when he was nonchalantly driving his little one to school. Alongside the snippet, he wrote "I will tell her this forever" and "You're so beautiful… inside and out." 

"You're the sun in my sky, you're the sweet part of life | You go easy on the eyes, you're so beautiful |  From your head to your toes, in your heart and your soul | I hope you always know you're so beautiful," Hubbard delivers in the poignant track. "Beautiful inside, inside and out | Insidе, inside and out | You're beautiful insidе, inside and out | Inside, inside and out, yeah."

The music video captures Hubbard embracing his internal child at a local Nashville park. While he conveys the weighted narrative, children are filmed living in the moment and playing kindly with one another. 

Halfway through the video - a floral surprise appears labeled, "the most beautiful person is in this box." When the kids reach down to look inside, they suddenly see their reflection through a mirror. 

"The 'Inside And Out' video really captured the essence and heart of the song. It brings me back to the feeling of being a kid where the innocence, fun, and beauty of life was all I knew," he wrote on Instagram. "I hope this video makes you smile and brings you a childlike joy the way the way it did for me when we were filming this video," he added. 

Country music fans praised the fun-filled clip and moving message within the comments. 

"I❤️the video. It made me smile. You are doing an awesome job as a solo artist," a follower pointed out. "So much light and love in this song and video," shared another. 

"Inside And Out" lives on his six-song solo debut "Dancin' In The Country," which also includes his chart-topping track "5 Foot 9," "I'm The Only One," "Everybody Needs A Bar," and more. The well-rounded collection became the best-selling country EP debut of the year. 

The country crooner is currently on Keith Urban's The Speed Of Now World Tour. Tickets are available for purchase, here

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