Brett Young Brings the Heartache to "Don't Wanna Write This Song"

He Teams With Co-Writer Sean McConnell for a Beautiful Performance Video

Brett Young is one of country music's top ballad singers and this version of "I Don't Wanna Write This Song" further establishes that reputation.

In announcing the video, Young sent out the following message: "I wrote 'Mercy' with Sean McConnell and am such a massive fan of both his and Zach Crowell’s, so going into this writing session there was already an unspoken pressure of catching lightning twice.

"Believe it or not, this song had been with me for almost ten years, but when we started reworking it together and digging into the story and melody, we hit a crossroads and knew this wasn’t your typical break-up song, so that’s when we made the decision to let her go. It felt so dark, emotional and unlike anything I’ve ever written before. The finality of everything in this song is so crushing, it's definitely unexpected on first listen and explores heartbreak on a whole different level."

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