Amanda Shires Plots Supergroup with Brandi Carlile and Margo Price

Shires Says Their Goal Is to "Play More Country Music"

Amanda Shires has a major Brandi Carlile and Margo Price idea in the works, but she's not ready to share the details yet.

Shires accidentally shared the news about the Highwomen, a super-group idea she has involving Carlile and Margo Price, during a radio interview with Louisville's WFPK-FM. She tweeted later that she'd be sharing more news when it came to fruition. "Just wanted to let you know that nothing is official and this isn't news yet," Shires wrote after her revelation had everyone in country music hoping for the best.

Here is the gist of what she'd shared:

Shires, Carlile and Price are (possibly) going to work on a project that will have the three artists coming together for country. "What we want to do is play more country music," Shires said. "So it'll be more country." The three women will reportedly head into the studio in March. After that, who knows what will come next? Maybe they'll release a single to country radio. Maybe they'll release an entire album. Maybe they'll collaborate with Sheryl Crow. Maybe they'll tour.

And maybe, like the Pistol Annies or the Trio's Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris before them, Shires, Carlile and Price will be able to seamlessly move back and forth from this supergroup to their solo careers. The Pistol Annies released their first batch of music in 2011, then another album in 2013. Then they went away, taking a supergroup hiatus, to work on their own music. They then came back together five years later for a third album.

The moral of that story? Anything is possible when women put their heads together.

Shires said the group's name, Highwomen, was inspired by the Highwaymen: the super-group that Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson formed in the mid-80s.

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