WORLD PREMIERE: Kalsey Kulyk's Good at Being a"Bad Liar"

How to Fake Your Way Out of a Bad Break-Up

When someone told Kalsey Kulyk to work hard and then work harder, it was the best advice she's ever heard. And she's kept that wisdom in her heart as she made the journey from Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan all the way to Nashville.

And now, the world's going to see what it looks like when her hard work pays off in the form of "Bad Liar."

Kulyk wrote the song more than two years ago with Lainey Wilson, one of CMT's Next Women of Country. "We wrote it at her house just outside Nashville. She had a cool groove and threw out the idea of 'Good Liar,'" Kulyk told "I didn’t really relate to being a good liar, so we changed good to bad. And then we let both of our sarcastic personalities lead the song."

The song, Kulyk says, it about faking your way through a bad break up.

She may or may not have had a lot of real-life practice as a bad liar, but she has been at the music thing since she was just a little girl. There was a talent show when she was three, then a guitar when she was 13. "I do believe my mom has a video of me at five years old saying I’m gonna be a big star, so I guess I would say that's when I knew. But I really made it set in stone when I was 17, after I was diagnosed with cancer," she told us of her battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"Life’s too short to do anything other than what you love doing."

Even as a teenager, she recalls being able to make grown ups cry with her words. "I was singing about things older than my years, and connecting with people who had real life experience," she said of her old-school music making.

As for her next big goals, Kulyk has some solid ideas in mind. If she could duet with anyone, it would be Dolly Parton. And if she could play any stage, it would be the Opry or Madison Square Garden.

Kulyk's full debut album will be released on Aug. 30, and she is currently on tour in Canada.

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