Jake Owen's New Single Is Grandma-Approved

He Follows Up "Beachin'" With "What We Ain't Got"

For many artists, picking a song to follow a No. 1 single can be kind of daunting, but Jake Owen had a plan.

To follow up his laid-back, feel-good smash "Beachin'," Owen decided to really throw everyone a curveball and release a ballad, the first ballad we've heard from him as a single in a hot minute.

Stylistically and sonically speaking, his newest offering, "What We Ain't Got," couldn't be further from "Beachin'" and stands as one hell of a lyric, message and moment in his discography. And it's really resonating with fans.

"I'm singing that song because I love it. And I think it's an unbelievable song, and I think anybody that sits back and hears it feels the same exact way," Owen says. "I'm proud to sing a song that's relating to people as much as it is."

Not only are people relating, they're also voicing their opinions and giving their stamps of approval with one very special person chiming in -- Owen's grandmother, who definitely related to the song's message.

"I see everyone from kids to their parents to grandparents. You know, my grandma's not called me too often with songs like 'Beachin'' and stuff because she related to it," he quipped.

However, his new single apparently really struck a chord with her, and Owen was quick to share the sweet way she shared her approval.

"She sent me a handwritten letter the other day telling me how much she and her church-going friends appreciate 'What We Ain't Got,'" he said. "So ... I'm getting the grandmas, so that's cool."

That has to be the ultimate seal of approval. Because we all know, at the end of the day, grandma will love you no matter what, but she'll also tell you the cold, hard truth.

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