Summer Pardi Says Her Superstar Husband “Didn’t Get It” When She Told Him That They Were Pregnant

Summer Pardi: “Even with the baby on board sign AND pregnancy test, he still didn’t get it.”

Jon Pardi and his wife, Summer will welcome their first child together in early 2023. 

Following the heartwarming news that broke late last week (Sept. 22), the soon-to-be mother turned to social media to share how she told her husband that they were pregnant. 

The hairstylist did not shy away from thinking outside the box, as she taped the positive pregnancy test to a sign that read “baby on board” and placed it on the back of their luxury boat. Although the message was clear, she said that Pardi “didn’t get it” at first. Once it clicked, the “Night Shift” singer was hit with a wave of emotions and gave his other half a tight embrace. 

Summer said Pardi instantly began blasting the highly popular children’s jam “Baby Shark” throughout their household to celebrate becoming a father. 

“How I told @jonpardi we were pregnant,” Summer wrote alongside the tear-jerking clip. “We had just gotten our new boat, and I said there was a big scratch on the back of it. Even with the baby on board sign AND pregnancy test he still didn’t get it…he thought I was just making fun of him because the boat was his new baby 🤦🏼‍♀️ 5 minutes later, he was blasting baby shark in the kitchen, already thriving hahah,” she added.

Summer revealed precious pregnancy moments thus far within the clip. With Ruelle’s single “I Get to Love You” playing in the background – Summer shared videos of the ultrasound, trips to the doctor’s office, concert highlights, her growing baby bump, and snapshots from their maternity photoshoot. 

Members of the country community flocked to the comments with sweet congratulatory messages and to pick on Pardi for the simple misunderstanding. 

“Love it!!! To his defense, I didn’t realize it either when you sent me the video, and then it clicked lol,” shared Raelynn. “Congratulations, Summer and Jon❤️ 👏 Best wishes for a healthy, happy baby,” said a fan. “Remembering when he thought you meant the boat was his baby. BLESS 😂,” added a celebrity makeup artist. 

While bursting with excitement and joy, the love birds surprised Summer’s parents with a small gift. The 32-year-old filmed the future grandparents slowly opening the present. Once the two pulled out an infant onesie, her mother broke down in happy tears. Summer stitched the sentimental memory with old-school prints of their childhood and wholesome clips of her family dancing around their home. 

“If you’re ready to cry some more…here’s the video of how we told my parents. Said we had a belated Mother’s Day/ Early Father’s Day joint gift,” shared Summer in the caption. “Still trying to figure out why I was shirtless,” the platinum-selling artist pointed out in the comments. 

Shortly after telling her parents in person, Summer mentioned that the country crooner picked up the phone and called his father. 

“Jon called his dad 0.2 seconds after I told him, and then a few weeks later we FaceTimed the rest of our families (everyone is in Cali) ­– my parents were the only ones we were able to tell in person cause they came to visit for Father’s day,” she recalled during an impromptu Instagram story Q&A. “I’m still kicking myself for not thinking to record the FaceTimes with everyone 😭 especially after making the last few videos of everyone’s reactions.”  

The country couple first got together in 2016, but tied the knot in 2020. She previously told PEOPLE that they have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time and decided to “take a break” after numerous failed attempts. 

Pardi and Summer have not revealed the gender of the baby. As they prepare to add another to their Pardi, the hitmaker is slated to wrap up his Ain’t Always The Cowboy Tour in October. 

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