Leah Turner Smolders In "Blah Blah Blah"

See CMT World Premiere of Turner's Latest Video

Leah Turner has zero cares to give to those who are all talk and no action in her latest video, "Blah Blah Blah."

She exudes some serious Elvis Presley attitude as she works the microphone, singing about a man who says he can commit, but ultimately, he can't.

"'Blah Blah Blah' is a story of a bunch of promises that never got delivered," Turner tells "This not only pertains to love but can pertain to life. It's so easy to promise, but sometimes the follow through is the hardest part.

"I had finally had it with a relationship that had good intentions with words and bad follow through," she adds. "I got to the point where all I was hearing was, 'Blah blah blah,' because all it was, was words. I know my worth and what real love is. I know if someone really wants you, nothing will stop them! I took my love, his words, and wrote 'Blah Blah Blah.'"

Cody Villalobos directed the colorful video at Westlight Studios in Franklin, Tenn. Turner co-wrote the song with Willie Breeding and Jessica Cain.

Get to know Turner, a member of the CMT Next Women of Country program, in her own words below. Are there any subjects that are difficult to write about or are all subjects fair game?

Turner: Not for me. I write and have written all my songs. They are literally my heart, things I have been through, want to feel and haven't felt; the tears I've cried, the hurt, the laughs, the good and the bad times. I've been through them all!

What was the worst gig that you've ever played that made for a good story later?

I was on a Brad Paisley tour, sick as a dog, playing a gig in between Paisley dates to pay for the gas to get to the next Paisley gig. I pulled up in the bus to the smallest venue ever and maybe five people showed up. Lord almighty. I was wiping snot off my nose during songs of the 75-minute set. Those gigs build character!

Tell me about your first Nashville performance.

My first gig here in Nashville was playing Puckett's Grocery store in Leiper's Fork. Like it is literally a grocery store, and I think there were maybe three people sitting and listening to me; and two people grocery shopping. It was actually pretty amazing.

What venue changed everything for you?

When I got to play the Greek Theater with Jake Owen. Being from California, I grew up seeing acts there all the time. I remember I was nine years old when I went to see Trisha Yearwood there, and she hit this huge note and a tear fell from my eye. From that day on, I knew I wanted to invoke emotion in others like she just did in me. Then cut to 15 years later, I'm standing on that very same stage singing my songs! In that moment I said, "Yep, dreams come true, you just gotta push hard enough and believe in yourself!"

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