LOCASH Return With "Beers To Catch Up On," an Ode to Pop-Up Videos

The duo is turning back the clock to their friendship's early days in the video for their latest single

Two decades into their brotherly friendship and Nashville's LOCASH -- Chris Lucas and Preston Brust -- have conceptually turned back the clock to their friendship's early days in the video for their latest single, "Beers To Catch Up On."

Between 1996-2002, millions of VH1 viewers would watch 30-minute blocks of classic and campy videos featuring information bubbles popping up every 10–15 seconds with information about the recording artist, the video's production, and random facts inspired by the theme or content of the video itself. Two of those millions of viewers later became this duo, looking to chart their eighth single on Billboard's Hot Country Songs or Country Airplay chart.

The tandem enjoyed watching the show to read and learn about what happened during the shoots of their favorite videos or to learn miscellaneous facts about their favorite artists. After two decades together, showcasing a bit more on their careers felt appropriate.

"Anytime you shoot a video, there are behind-the-scenes stories that nobody ever hears about or sees unless they are on set, so we wanted to pull back the curtain and let the viewers in on everything," the duo explained. "We must have given the director 100 possible pop-up facts to choose from, so it was fun for us to see which ones they chose in the final edit."

"Beers To Catch Up On" follows LOCASH's gold-selling 2019 single "One Big Country Song." The single was an all-star affair as one of its producers was Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, and it was co-written by none other than HARDY.

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