Fresh Country Faces Flock to Tortuga Music Festival

Cole Swindell, Eric Paslay and Brett Eldredge Chat With 'CMT Hot 20 Countdown'

Country newcomers helped turn up the heat on Tortuga Music Festival last weekend, taking the beachside stage in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to rock thousands of fans and support ocean conservation awareness.

Between performances, CMT Hot 20 Countdown's Cody Alan and Alecia Davis caught up with "Chillin' It" singer Cole Swindell about his self-titled debut album.

"Your latest song is 'Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,'" Alan said. "Congratulations on that one. The album is really packed full, I think, of great songs."

"That's what we were trying to do, is make an album full," Swindell replied. "You know, you don't always have a say in what single is coming next, and you just want to make an album full of great songs. 'Hope You Get Lonely,' I think everybody agreed that it should be the next one, so it's exciting to see it making its way up the charts."

Also making its way up the charts is Eric Paslay's latest single, "Song About a Girl," and a new music video for the track is sure to make its way on to Hot 20 soon.

"Do you get choices in the women who might show up in this video?" Alan was curious. "The girls who might be in the 'Song About a Girl'?

"They kinda let me choose, and my concept of 'Song About a Girl' isn't about one girl," Paslay revealed. "It's about every girl that's ever existed, so I was making sure we chose every woman, not the same girl. And they were all beautiful!"

Fellow Tortuga performer Brett Eldredge had hundreds of beautiful girls falling in love with his latest single, "Beat of the Music," when he took the Tortuga stage for a second year.

"I just got off stage. It was so nuts!" he excitedly told Davis after his set.

"Oh, my gosh, we played last year, and my music was just starting to kinda get going, and then this year, people were packed out there. It was the coolest feeling in the world. So much fun!"

"What was your favorite song to perform during that set?" Davis asked.

"'Beat of the Music,'" Eldredge admitted. "It was right on the beach. You know, a song about falling in love on a beach -- and I could easily fall in love on this beach."

For more from Tortuga Music Festival, including exclusive interviews with even more country stars, tune in to CMT Hot 20 Countdown this Saturday and Sunday (April 19-20) at 11 a.m. ET/PT.

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