Will Dierks Bentley’s Alter Ego Crash the 2015 CMT Music Awards?

Capt. Mike Holden Johnson Made Memorable Appearance Last Year

Well, he certainly spiced things up last year’s CMT Music Awards. I’m talking about the infamous Capt. Holden Mike Johnson -- Dierks Bentley’s alter ego best known for his debauchery in the singer’s “Drunk on a Plane” video.

“Drunk on a Plane” is a final nominee for video of the year, but Bentley himself seems to have a hard time keeping tabs on the partying pilot.

“Capt. Holden Mike Johnson … I don’t know where he is right now,” Bentley jokes. “Last I’d heard, he’d been demoted, and he’s flying a little Cessna, smiling somewhere where there are no FAA regulations.

“After his CMT performance debut, I don’t know. I think he’ll still come around every now and then. He’s a strong man with a strong look, and I don’t know. Management’s not too excited about him, but we’ll see.”

What? How could anyone not be excited about Capt. Mike. Heck, I went to a Bentley-hosted party once where Mike made an appearance and gave me my very own pilot’s hat and pair of aviator sunglasses --which I still rock, thank you very much.

Capt. Mike, I will always be a fan. You are a solid guy. Even though, according to Bentley, you did take his wife home after last year’s awards show.

The 2015 CMT Music Awards premieres Wednesday (June 20) at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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