Brooke Eden Seeks a Little Space in "Act Like You Don't"

On a Mission to Move On in New Video

Breakups are hard and even harder when there's no actual clean break. That is exactly what's happening in Brooke Eden's new gut-puncher "Act Like You Don't."

In the story, two people fall in love and stay together while knowing it's not quite right. They keep giving it their all because they do really want it to work. But eventually, they both realize it's time to walk away.

But talking about walking away is a lot easier than the actual walking. And the calls and texts keep coming. The temptation to pick up where you left off is around every corner. So, what's a girl to do?

Go out with your friends and try to forget. Eden does that in her brand new video. All glammed up, she's on a mission to move on. But is her mission successful in the end? Watch to find out.

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