Inside LANCO's Eric Steedly and Jessica Wardwell's Wedding

All the Details of the "Greatest Love Story"

It's official. LANCO guitarist Eric Steedly and Jessica Wardwell are going to be the greatest love story this town has ever seen. The two were married in an intimate Nashville wedding on Sunday (Aug. 23), and here's what we know so far, thanks to People:

Wardwell wore a simple and elegant white Olia Zavozina dress, and after the ceremony, an Anna Sheffield wedding ring.

Steedly wore a modern beige suit, to match his groomsmen from the band: Brandon Lancaster, Chandler Baldwin, Jared Hampton, Tripp Howell, along with his brother Andy. His wedding band was hand-crafted by Staghead Designs.

After the ceremony, the reception featured food from Nashville's Actual Food, and music from D.J. Russ Pollard.

Custom-made masks and hand sanitizers were given to all the guests.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Steedly and Wardwell had to pivot to a plan B, which meant a smaller venue and a smaller guest list.

"As the year progressed and the restrictions from COVID got tighter, we felt that the responsible thing to do was to cancel our original plan and greatly reduce the size. A lot of Jess' family lives in Australia and weren't going to be allowed to come anyway," Steedly said. "Thankfully, we were able to switch to a smaller venue and all of our vendors were super kind and flexible in working with our new plan."

The couple did the responsible thing by socially distancing their friends and family during the ceremony and the reception, Steedly added, and the guests were more than willing to cooperate.

"But the silver lining is that, since we have known each other, we have never been able to spend this much time together because I am on the road so much," Steedly said of his quarantine life with his wife. "We are excited to soak in this time at home and can't wait for all of our future adventures to begin when things go back to normal!"

Steedly and Wardwell started dating in May 2018, and in January 2020, he proposed.

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