Take a 37-Minute Trip with Jake Owen

In Good Company with Twin and Best Friend

About eight years ago, Jake Owen had a deep cut on his Easy Does It album called "Every Reason I Go Back." He wrote it with Casey Beathard and Dave Turnbull. It's about growing up in a small town, wanting to leave, and then ultimately, wanting to go back.

And after listening to Owen's new podcast, I feel like I just went back to that one-stop, one-cop, one-bar town, where the same old buddies share the same old stories that still get the same old laughs.

The first episode of "Good Company" with Jake aired on Monday (Nov. 27), and Owen hosted his first two guests: his twin brother Jarrod and their best friend Mardy Fish. Together, they took quite a few trips down memory lane and reminisced about growing up in Vero Beach, Florida.

About Owen's dad yelling at him and Jarrod for fighting in the bedroom they shared.

About riding bikes around town, playing football in the park, and signing up for Little League baseball.

About getting to ride Fish's coattails when he signed a contract to play tennis professionally at just 17 years old.

About Fish putting an original Josh (Jake's real first name) Owen song on his pro tennis website.

About what it was like when Owen dropped out of college and Jarrod told him, "Wait 'til you tell dad that, and we'll see how that goes."

About Owen getting arrested at a Halloween party for serving alcohol to minors.

And about Owen celebrating the 12-year anniversary of getting his record deal. That trip got the trio talking about their shared love of country music. Jarrod is all about Gary Allan, and Fish is all about Luke Combs, and said he had listened to his "When It Rains It Pours" four times already that morning.

Fish also recalled promising Owen early on that whenever he played his first big show, he'd go. No matter where it was.

"Then here comes Jake Owen playing with Kenny Chesney, and it had to be in Hershey, Pennsylvania of all places. I came, we got hammered," Fish said.

"Of course I got hammered," Owen said. "It was my first show ever with Kenny Chesney. Have you ever been to a Kenny Chesney show? There's margaritas and rum everywhere," Owen said.

Next up on Owen's podcast, he'll be hosting his grandparents.

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