Backstage with Hillary Scott and Daughter Eisele

The Very Best Place to Play Dress Up

If you're going to play dress up, and really play it well, there's probably no better place to do it than backstage with Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott.

So Scott's three year old daughter Eisele Kaye is one lucky little girl.

In a new interview with People, Scott admits that she lets her daughter try on her stage clothes, right down to the towering high heels.

"My heels are still pretty high -- sometimes too high. She's loving trying on my shoes right now -- the other night she got out of the shower butt naked and put on my high heels ... it was hysterical," Scott said.

Eisele even shows signs of wanting to wear whatever dress her mom is wearing, and Scott is more than OK with that.

"I'll walk out in a dress and there have been moments where she'll go, 'I want to wear that.' I actually just ordered a couple of things so we'll be able to match.

"I'm totally that mom," she admitted.

Because Eisele is soaking up everything her mother does, Scott has to be aware of that 24, 7.

"She's watching everything I do, everything I say, even the way I stand in photos. I want her to stand confident, like the individual, beautiful spirit that she is," she added.

The bigger picture, after Eisele outgrows the dress-up clothes and is approaching independence, is that she feels like she can do anything.

"I think more than anything I want her to be an empowered woman. I want her to feel like she has every opportunity," Scott said.

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