Darius Rucker Fights for Favorite Songs

When I get a new CD with 12 to 14 songs on it, I always think about the countless hours that went into writing and recording and mixing all those tracks. And to hear Darius Rucker talk about the added time involved behind the scenes, kind of fighting for each one of those songs, makes the process even more remarkable. He told CMT Radio that when it came time to narrow down the track list for his new Charleston, S.C. 1966 album, it got kind of ugly. "You just battle it out and yell at each other and send nasty e-mails until ... then you start cutting. But when that happens I always get that attitude and I write back, 'Well it's my record, we're cutting it,'" he said with a laugh. "If I want it bad enough, we just cut it." Lucky for Rucker's fans, he believes he chose the best 13 songs for the new album.

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