Watch: Gwen Stefani Dresses Up Like Blake Shelton in Hilarious New Video

Gwen Stefani: “Why come back as a Country Boy when i can dress like one now?!"

Gwen Stefani is taking her husband Blake Shelton’s hit single “Come Back As a Country Boy” quite seriously. In fact, Stefani doesn’t want to wait to be a country boy so she swiped some of Shelton’s camo, jeans and ballcap to make the persona a current reality.

“Why come back as a Country Boy when i can dress like one now?!🤠 #CountryMusic” Stefani wrote on Instagram with the video of her transformation. She also gave photo credit to Shelton.

The song was written by Hardy, Josh Thompson and Jordan Schmidt. Lyrics include: When I die I wanna come back as a country boy| No, there ain't no better life if you ask me| If my neck don't come out red, then Lord, just keep me dead| 'Cause a country boy's all that I know how to be

Shelton shared a (tongue-in-cheek) message about the lyrics for listeners on his Instagram.

“If you’ve ever heard my song and thought to yourself, ‘I hope Blake Shelton’s neck don’t come out red, (expletive) you,” he said in mock seriousness.

The videos are just the latest comedic bits promoting the “Come Back as a Country Boy.” Last week, Shelton’s team used the song’s video as an example of the reasons one might want to be a country boy.

The first – and make no mistake – it’s s joke: Crawling out of a giant bonfire in flames, unscathed. Don’t try it at home. The ability to topple towering trees with your bare hands. And, don’t forget beer and ball caps!

“Some things about being a country boy just make sense! -Team BS” the post read.

“Come Back as a Country Boy” is from Shelton’s deluxe version of “Body Language,” which is available now.

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