Carrie Underwood: "You Just Juggle"

How She'll Be "Southbound" at the Parthenon

It's pretty much the most universally accepted piece of advice from mothers everywhere: "You just juggle."

That's what Carrie Underwood told us during her rehearsals for her performance at the CMT Music Awards, when she opened up about prepping for the show while she's very much a busy working mother to her son Isaiah, 4, and her baby boy, Jacob.

"My mom and my sister are here," she said, "so they're gonna help take care of the little ones while mommy is working. We're just making it all happen the best way we know how."

During the broadcast, Underwood will be performing her latest hit single "Southbound" from the front steps of the Nashville Parthenon in Centennial Park. Her show there will be open to fans beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday (June 5).

The CMT Music Awards show is all about, as Underwood says, everybody coming to the country artists' neck of the woods. "Partying with us, celebrating with us," she told us. "And I feel like 'Southbound' is such a great song to say 'Welcome,' and it's a good kick off to everything this week."

She also shared that to her, the CMTs are always fun, no matter what. "Everybody just wants to come and have a good time. Usually when we're in the house," she said, "the audience has all the seats down in front. They're just kind of GA (general admission), and have a fun party vibe. You can feel that energy."

Underwood has been part of the CMT Music Awards since 2006, when she was fresh off her American Idol win, and she won for both female video of the year and breakthrough video of the year for her "Jesus, Take the Wheel" debut.

The "southbound" song she's performing at the CMT Music Awards is the same one that kicks off her show when she's out on tour. "It such a great summer jam, and we're having a blast out there. We're just doing what we love to do."

And the official "Southbound" music video -- most likely a nominee for the 2020 CMT Music Awards -- will be arriving on Saturday.

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