David Nail and David Cook on New Single, "Kiss You Tonight"

David Nail met American Idol alum David Cook at a celebrity softball game. Actually, Nail told me he thinks they didn't even officially meet that day. They just played.

But when Nail first heard the demo for his new single "Kiss You Tonight," he didn't put two and two together. He actually had no idea that the David Cook in the writers' credits was the same one from that game and Idol.

"When I heard it and saw the writers' names, I thought there was no way that can be the same David Cook," Nail recalled. "That's a very common name. You'd think it would be because we're both from Missouri, and I love all things and people Missouri.

"But social media kind of took over. And there was about a two-day span where his army of Idol followers took over my Twitter because of this song. So I knew it was that David Cook."

What Nail loves most about the song is just the simple idea of such an easy love.

"I love the sentiment of a guy just saying, 'Hey, if you just allow me the opportunity to come over to your house and kiss you, everything else will take care of itself,'" Nail said.

As for Cook, the season seven winner of American Idol, he is currently living in Nashville where he's recording his next album. And he told USA Today his side of the "Kiss You Tonight" story.

"It was my third write, once I moved to town," he said. "That song just snowballed. David put it on hold, and it was that way for a few months. Then it was going to go on the record, and it was that way for a few months. Then the single thing happened super-quick. It has opened some doors to doing more, which is great."

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