Merle Haggard On Love, Devotion and Sturgill Simpson

Wise Words from the Oft-Married Country Star

I was out in California recently, and picked up a copy of the swanky Malibu magazine. Not because I'm swanky like that, but because I saw Merle Haggard's name on the cover.

And while the one-page Q&A is good from start to finish, it's the very last answer he gives that I kind of fell in love with.

The magazine asks Haggard -- who has been married five times -- how he defines love.

"A feeling of devotion," Haggard says. "You know, love comes about in different ways over a person's life and I'm not a kid anymore. I'm 78 years old. I felt love in many, many different ways. It depends on the moment, who you're with and what you might expect."

Elsewhere in the story, Haggard says that his favorite contemporary artist is country singer Sturgill Simpson.

"There's a guy that's stirring up some noise," he says, "his name is Sturgill Simpson. He's doing it with traditional country and he's hotter than a pistol."

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