Vince Gill Returns to His Elementary School, Raises Almost $100,000

Vince Gill returned to his alma mater in Oklahoma City last week to sing on the stage where he made his musical debut at age 7. The auditorium at Cleveland Elementary Arts and Science Specialty School was renamed Vince Gill Auditorium during a Thursday morning (March 27) assembly. Later that night, Gill performed a concert that raised almost $100,000 to renovate the auditorium. Gill's performance reprised "House of the Rising Sun," the song he first performed there in 1966. "I don't sing as high as I used to in the second grade," he joked. Some 228 people paid $495 per ticket for Gill's charity concert. Referring to one of his favorite restaurants in Oklahoma City, Gill said, "When they told me the ticket charge, I nearly spit out my Ted's Escondido meal."

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