CMT Artist Discovery Grows With Four Rising Acts

Cross Atlantic, Karla Davis, Kasey Tyndall and Denny Strickland Join Program

Soul-stirring lyrics, Motown grooves, Lone Star state nostalgia and sexy sleepless nights are all a part of CMT's latest list of artists you need to know.

Cross Atlantic

It's a story straight out of movie: boy and girl are in line behind one another in coffee shop, boy is an Englishman ordering tea, boy and girl begin talking and discover they are both musicians and agree to get together and write sometime. The result is the aptly-named duo Cross Atlantic. Missouri-native Karli Chayne and Englishman James Sinclair Scott have combined their talents and influences in a delightful melding of classic country, soul and blues-rock, complete with perfect harmonies. Their brand new video for "Mercy" is equally classic. The black and white scene is set at an idyllic movie theater, perfect for a classic song and story.

Karla Davis

North Carolina native Davis has got soul, y'all. Smooth, cool, and smoky with the perfect amount of rasp, her voice stands out from the pack. So it's no surprise that she landed in the Top 16 on NBC's The Voice season two, with Adam Levine as her coach. With influences like James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt and the late Eva Cassidy, Davis is unique and dedicated to staying that way. The Motown-inpsired groove of "Wearing Me Out" perfectly drives the effervescent ode to high-maintenance men. She doesn't need over-the-top gestures, attitude, or designer thrills to be impressed. We hear you, girl.

Kasey Tyndall

Ever wanted to know what life on the road is like? Tyndall's new video for "Everything is Texas" gives you a little sneak peek. After long hours on the road (but worth every minute for the hyped crowds and high-energy sets), Tyndall is in her element in the spotlight. She's shared the stage with The Cadillac Three, Granger Smith, Kane Brown and Casey Donahew, and with an EP produced by Tommy Cecil (Luke Bryan and Jake Owen), the future is bright for Tyndall.

Denny Strickland

Whew, it's getting a little warm in here watching Strickland's new video for the downright sexy "We Don't Sleep." The moody and brooding lighting, the soft neon glow, the handsome guy and beautiful girl -- I'm guessing you can guess what happens next. Strickland's road to the stage is inspiring -- the talented Arkansas native met Johnny Cash's bass player Marshall Grant while on the equestrian circuit with his parents, and from there began his music business education with Grant as his mentor. Now, Strickland is making waves in Nashville, still learning and exploring as he continues to define his artistry.

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