Kelsea Ballerini vs. Thomas Rhett

Who's in Which Corner?

I get that boxing is a solid workout. And I get that workouts are important when you're out on tour.

But, still, I just cannot wrap my head around the concept of Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini boxing.

Do they just bob and weave? Are they perfecting their footwork? Did they buy their own boxing gloves? And most importantly, do they ever head into the ring with each other?

In a recent radio interview, Rhett explained how their unorthodox workouts have been working out.

"Kelsea's in such good shape," he said. "I mean, I brought a boxing coach out on the road, and so she was working with my boxing coach here in

town and now we all kind of box together on the road.

"It's pretty hilarious," he admitted.

After a string of Canadian dates, Rhett will get back on the road here later in May, and Ballerini will be heading out on tour with Lady Antebellum.

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