Life Through Ronnie Dunn's Lens

Sneak Peek of his Lensmen Project

Brooks & Dunn are playing a show at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace tonight, but it sounds like Ronnie Dunn has a bit of a side hustle going on right now.

In a Twitter conversation with CMT, Dunn gave away a few clues about his new Lensmen project.

Dunn also shared the reasons why he started the Lensmen Project. “These days I get almost as much satisfaction and enjoyment from photography as I do stepping on stage. I’ve kept a camera in my hand over the years and now I can almost get off a decent picture," Dunn said.

He has always applied a Middle American “cowboy” perspective to music, he says, and now he is following the same imagery with his camera in hand. "I get that same feeling working to capture a picture that I get when I step up to a microphone or sit down to write a song. The rush, the payoff, comes from the act of witnessing the unknown transform into a gratifying end result. I want to take memorable photographs. I want to see things. I have a fair understanding of the discipline, time, effort and mechanics required to master a craft. Do I have what it takes? Do I have the time? Time itself will tell.

"The process is that simple and every bit as complicated. I don’t want to over think it. My mandate is to enjoy the process. Music has afforded me the opportunity to meet and befriend masters of the craft. My goal with Lensmen Project is to involve and share the journey with friends along the way."

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